Why use CDs, when we now have digital streaming?

The compact disc is a useful medium for listening to music. Most computers still have cd drives in them and it is ok to rip them all to your hard drive so you can preserve your music items and have them all neatly shelved...as we do.

The advantages of using cds are obvious to most. You have a physical copy of your music.

  • More often than not you can pick up cds very cheaply in second hand stores, carboot sales and in shops like ours.
  • You can download your files with lossless quality. Mp3s mostly are reduced in size and this does compromise the sound quality.
  • The cd plays at the best bit rate.
  • You can build your own library of music for the shelf
  • You can rip the music to your computer and move the files to your phones or mp3 players.

TIP: Do you look at google play music and wonder about what it really is capable of doing. Did you know that Google Play Music give you a 100,000 upload limit of tracks. Meaning you can upload all of your music library onto there service and listen to your music on your tablets, pcs and phones. Its totally free and you can certainly get a lot of content on your google play music account that will last a life time. Its like having a free music streaming service with only the music you want to listen to.


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