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  • Your profile is your key to your activities.
  • Your profile ties everything you do together.
  • The extra effort you put in will reap rewards.

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Submitting a directory listing
  • Some may not wish to partake in the social media aspects of the site. This is primarily a directory site and thus we encourage all to make use of this tool.
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  • This is a community based website created by you the user.
Create a Group – Your space to interact and post blogs

Your group is equally important to your profile. This is where you post your articles and blogs and create your community of followers. You can choose to include a forum where you can answer comments from your blog posts.

Posting creative articles about your business is one of the biggest things you can do on the internet. Create externally away from social media and then share and communicate your content with friends on Facebook. We believe in not relying on one source for posting your content, we believe in using multiple streams.

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